When Opportunity Knocks, CyberPoint Answers

BALTIMORE, MD (August 25, 2015) — We've all heard that saying, "Opportunity only knocks once." Here at CyberPoint, though, opportunity is always at our door — just ask our interns! From getting lunch with CyberPoint co-founders Karl and Vicki Gumtow to presenting their very own Tech Talk, they've really gotten to do it all. And even with the end of summer just around the corner, the opportunities just keep coming.

Right off the bat, our interns were given the chance to have a fun and relaxed lunch at the beautiful Inner Harbor with CyberPoint's co-founders. It was a great opportunity for them to not only talk to Karl and Vicki but also get to know each other a little better, as well.

"I really liked the lunch event," said Design & Communications intern Wendy Zhou. "The fact that Karl and Vicki took the time out of their busy schedules to get to know us says a lot about them and the way that the company is run. I don't think many other CEOs would spend the effort to get to know their interns — it's just another example of the strong, small company mentality that CyberPoint has."

Such a personal corporate environment is something that we have always prided ourselves on. We make sure to give our interns plenty of chances to get to know their supervisors and mentors, and it pays off — many of our interns have cited it as one of their favorite aspects of working at CyberPoint!

"The closeness with our mentors has been one of the best things about the internship," said Labs intern Zachary Arguelles. "I feel very comfortable talking to both of my supervisors. We can go to them whenever, for whatever, and they're always willing to take time out of their day to help us with our problems."

For intern John Seymour, who is currently assisting with research on the DARPA STAC project, such a mentorship with his supervisors opened the door to another great opportunity: the chance to present at one of CyberPoint's Tech Talks! His presentation, which was on the over-generalization of malware classification, impressed employees and fellow interns alike.

"I really enjoyed giving the Tech Talk to everyone at CyberPoint," John said about his presentation. "I was really happy and I got a lot of great feedback."

"I thought the Tech Talk was a great experience," agreed intern Mihir Yavalkar. "And the fact that they trusted an intern to present something like that to the entire company was really cool. It really shows how much trust our supervisors have in us."

Our interns have done so much this summer, but it doesn't stop there — John recently just came back from DEF CON, one of the world's largest hacker conventions held in Las Vegas, where he presented his Master's thesis on quantum research. Earlier in August, CyberPoint held a volunteer event at the Maryland Food Bank where our interns gave back to the community by helping package donated foods. And just last week, Design & Communications interns Marissa and Wendy were able to attend a discussion held by the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers to learn more about philanthropy.

Here at CyberPoint, the opportunities are endless — and with our exceptional group of interns, we're more than happy to keep giving them.

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