Prescient Enhances the Security of a Chinese-made VTC

BALTIMORE, MD (December 18, 2012) — Since its inception in 2011, Prescient has been developing solutions to help ease heightened US concerns over the use of Chinese and other foreign-made technology products. Today, at a special event at the Baltimore CyberPoint Technology & Innovation Center (CTIC), Prescient hosted a showcase event highlighting its most recent success. Prescient helped Chinese technology giant ZTE enhance the security of a video teleconferencing system by adding US-built and installed security measures. The Prescient T700S-FW High Definition VTC is now available for sale in the US. "Like it or not, we're working in an increasingly globalized technology environment," said Jerry Caponera, head of Prescient. We need to start looking for solutions to the hard security problems associated with the global technology manufacture, and find ways to build trust among trading partners." The Prescient program was designed to help the US Government and private sector take advantage of global technology innovation while helping to mitigate uncertainties and reduce the risks associated with foreign-owned products and technologies. Prescient also helps foreign-owned companies build trust with potential customers and enhance their products in order to open up new markets in the US.

Prescient T700S-FW

About the Prescient T700S-FW

The Prescient T700S-FW is an innovative new teleconferencing solution that helps today's increasingly distributed enterprises address critical cybersecurity challenges without sacrificing the quality, performance, or cutting-edge collaborative features they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Featuring US-built security measures designed and installed by Prescient, the T700S-FW offers high-definition videoconferencing secured against network eavesdropping or unauthorized access. Easily deployed and operated, the T700S-FW brings 1080p definition and broadband audio to users who need sharp video and clear audio behind a proven network firewall. Learn more about the

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