Summer Internships at CyberPoint: Nurturing Innovation and Learning

COLUMBIA, MD (August 22, 2023) – As summer 2023 comes to a close, the impact of internships on our latest class of up-and-coming young professionals cannot be understated. At CyberPoint, six interns were given the chance to contribute to cutting-edge projects and immerse themselves in the world of software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science, while working with both CyberPoint's AIZEN and NORDIC teams. The experiences of these interns have demonstrated the power of hands-on learning, collaboration, and personal growth.

Summer Internships at CyberPoint

Advancing Conversational Understanding: Software Engineering Interns Shine

The Software Engineering Interns of summer 2023 were at the forefront of a groundbreaking project – the development of a front end for a sophisticated natural language search tool. This tool's goal was to facilitate a conversational approach to comprehending the intricate contents of an enterprise's network infrastructure. Beyond managing natural language inputs, the front end also presented query results in diverse formats, including tabular and graphical visualizations. Guided by one of CyberPoint's principal architects, this endeavor showcases the possibilities of human and machine interacting seamlessly.

Penetrating the Realm of Cybersecurity: NORDIC Team Interns Make Strides

Operating in the realm of cybersecurity, the 2023 NORDIC Team interns, Jenna, Chidera, Aidan and Kailee, were tasked with a mission critical to digital defense. Their work involved developing an implant and command-and-control (C2) server for the purposes of remote penetration testing. The implant and server created by the interns will be utilized by red team operators to remotely control tasks and receive mission results. The advancements produced not only showcased the interns' technical skills but also highlighted their commitment to enhancing the cybersecurity landscape. This achievement underlines the interns' contributions in fortifying digital defense strategies and bolstering organizations' cybersecurity posture.

Summer Internships at CyberPoint

From Taming Wild Horses to Thriving Teams: Intern Reflections

The story of the summer 2023 interns extends beyond the projects themselves. It's about the journey of self-discovery, skill refinement, and forming bonds. James, a data science intern, commenced his internship at CyberPoint with trepidation, only to find himself in "a whirlwind of learning, an impactful hands-on project, and an incredible group of people." The struggle to tame open-source large language models was daunting yet ultimately rewarding. James's journey exemplifies the transformative power of internships, transitioning uncertainty into accomplishment. James acknowledges, "Looking back, this internship has been eye-opening; it has shaped my perspective of the tech landscape and sparked a curiosity to explore unfamiliar areas."

Chidera, a software engineer intern, echoed the significance of teamwork and communication. Collaborating with a group to develop ThreatSniffer, a natural language search tool, was an invaluable learning process. The experience not only fortified technical skills but also nurtured qualities essential to becoming a well-rounded professional. "It was a great learning experience, and I am thankful for the opportunity." Chidera elaborates, "I learned not only about JavaScript and React, but also how to be a team player and to communicate more effectively. These are skills that I think will be useful throughout my career."

Mentorship and Personal Growth: A Hallmark of CyberPoint Internships

Reflecting on their time at CyberPoint, interns like Jenna, Ian, and Kailee, emphasized the unique learning environment fostered by the company. From delving into natural language processing to refining communication skills, the interns were guided by mentors who balanced support and independence. The internship experience transcended conventional expectations, providing the outgoing class with an immersive and enlightening professional journey.

Jenna, another software engineering intern, emphasized the independence and trust that CyberPoint bestowed upon its interns. "Our mentors were there when we needed it, but they never took over when we expressed uncertainty – they perhaps gave us a starting point, then believed in our abilities to continue. In other words, we had the perfect amount of independence to the point where we were never left wondering, but we also were trusted to complete our summer project using our own knowledge. The work environment at CyberPoint was extremely welcoming. It never felt as if the interns were looked down upon because we were just interns. It felt like we were respected and there was no doubt about us. My experience at CyberPoint is one I will cherish forever as the start of my computer science exploration journey!"

Summer Internships at CyberPoint

Ian stressed the dual nature of learning – both technical and presentational. The fusion of hands-on experience with project development and effective communication, the interns' educational voyage extended far beyond coding and theories. "Working at CyberPoint as a data science intern this summer was a fun and insightful experience! Between having hands-on experience with cutting-edge large language models and getting the experience of working with a team of interns on a project from idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP), I definitely learned a lot this summer! Our mentors were another great resource for all our questions whether it was fixing a bug or figuring out how to present a feature to leadership."

Kailee, a CNO Developer intern, echoed the sentiment that it's the people who make an organization special. The collaborative, supportive, and fun-filled environment fostered lasting relationships and made the learning journey enjoyable. "Working at CyberPoint was an enriching and great experience. The employees as well as my fellow interns were always willing to help and always fun to interact with. The main reason I liked CyberPoint so much was the people who worked there, as they all were kind, understanding, and light-hearted. … During this [internship] I got to work with different languages and software that I wasn't previously familiar with. I learned how to troubleshoot, navigate through different technology, as well as improve my public speaking skills with presentations every other week. Overall, I think working throughout the internship was super fun and our mentors made it special, as they were always trying to help us and always made us laugh, making it one of the best experiences."

Seeds of Future Innovation

The stories of CyberPoint's interns exemplify the transformative potential of summer internships. These experiences are not mere stepping stones; they serve as catalysts for future innovation, shaping the paths of these budding professionals. The summer of 2023 at CyberPoint was not just a season of learning; it was a season of discovery, growth, and community-building. As they venture forward, the lessons learned and memories made during their time at CyberPoint will undoubtedly continue to shape their paths in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Summer Internships at CyberPoint

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