CyberPoint at RSA 2015

BALTIMORE, MD (May 5, 2015) — CyberPoint had an excellent RSA 2015. We were excited to see so many new faces, and to connect face-to-face with our valued customers and partners.

Fourteen CyberPoint people joined our co-founder and CEO at RSA. We were also pleased to serve the security community with seven special issues of our daily news report, the CyberWire.

CyberPoint is Getting Fit

We were particularly gratified to see considerable interest in the product we featured at the conference, CyVaR — a decision support product that quantifies an organization's financial risk exposure to cyber attacks. CyVaR enables executives to see the financial impact of vulnerabilities and potential security incidents. It arms them with the information they need to make smarter business decisions and manage risk.

Two CyberPoint executives also spoke at San Francisco events that coincided with RSA. CEO and co-founder Karl Gumtow spoke at AGC's invitation-only West Coast Technology Conference. Eric Ragin was a featured speaker at a CyberPoint-sponsored breakfast meeting of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP). Both presentations were very well received.

If you're interested in a convenient summary of what happened at RSA, check out the CyberWire's coverage of some of the most interesting players in the cybersecurity sector.

CyberPoint will be attending and exhibiting at RSA Abu Dhabi this November. We'll also be back in San Francisco next year, looking forward to connecting (and re-connecting) with everyone at RSA 2016.

About CyberPoint

At CyberPoint, we work to create a future where individuals and organizations from across the globe can operate safely and securely in cyberspace and benefit from the technological innovations that increasingly connect our world. A rapidly growing cybersecurity company, CyberPoint integrates and delivers innovative, leading-edge services, solutions, and products to protect what's invaluable to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise, we quantify risks, and we design defenses that provide critical protection. Learn more here.



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