Arctonyx is a cybersecurity startup founded by a passionate, technical development team with deep experience in cyber operations for the United States intelligence community. Their mission is to help organizations identify and take action to prevent cyberattacks and achieve resilience.

Arctonyx SCOUT: Continuous, Automated, and Comprehensive Coverage

SCOUT provides organizations with continuous, automated, and comprehensive coverage of their organization's attack surface from the perspective of an attacker. It focuses on discovering assets and factors that make an organization susceptible to attack just as an attacker would during reconnaissance.

Organizations of all sizes are faced with rapidly expanding attack surfaces due to digital transformation initiatives and a growing remote workforce in the context of unprecedented increases in cyber-criminal activity. Gartner ranks attack surface expansion as 2022's number one trend that increases cybersecurity risk to organizations. They call on industries to adopt tools to automate the discovery of security coverage gaps such as unknown assets and a wide range of exposure factors.

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Arctonyx SCOUT

CATO: The Next Evolution in Offensive Capabilities

CATO is a cybersecurity operations platform that can be used for red teaming or pen testing to provide insight into an organization's security posture. We strive to increase automation while enabling services that closely match the operational cadence of real-world attacks.

CATO, Arctonyx's Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) platform, is a complete solution for planning, execution, and analysis of cyber operations. Instead of providing a commodity assessment, the CART platform provides novel capabilities that equips red teams to closely match the operational cadence of real-world attacks including capabilities to run continuous and automated operations.

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