Protecting Legacy Encryption

The advent of quantum computing (QC), if it happens, will break nearly every practical application of cryptography in use today, making e-commerce and many other digital applications insecure.

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Protecting Legacy Encryption from Quantum Computing: A Possible Solution.

An alternative approach to quantifying cyber risk

Experts agree that no one solution will resolve any organization's cyber risk but combining technology and insurance can make significant strides to improving the chances that an organization can more quickly respond to and recover from a cyber event.

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An alternative approach to quantifying cyber risk

Interns Learn Penetration Testing

This post documents the actions taken by our most recent summer interns at CyberPoint. We presented them with a series of questions and their answers are un-edited below.

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CyberPoint Interns Learn Penetration Testing, Among Other Things

Worst-Case Complexity of Ford-Fulkerson

Ask a computer scientist the worst-case complexity of the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm1 with integral edge capacities, and you'll likely get the answer of O(E*|f|). Indeed, that would have been my answer, as well. Until I tried to exploit that worst-case behavior.

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Worst-Case Complexity of Ford-Fulkerson

Cyberspace — the Next Utility Infrastructure

Advances in information technology have transformed businesses; associated risks now demand serious attention to cybersecurity. Cheap, ubiquitous computing and storage are essential to US industry and to the lives and habits of all Americans, even as the infrastructure and operations of cyberspace become ever more complex and challenging.

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Cyberspace — the Next Utility Infrastructure

Accelerating Capabilities Acquisition through OTAs & PIAs

Exploratory thoughts and analytic results of contributing CyberPoint senior executives who don't have direct government-side experience in acquisition, nor formal government training regarding OTAs and PIAs.

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Accelerating Capabilities Acquisition Through OTAs and PIAs

Malicious Browser Extensions

We augment our browsers with extensions to provide custom functionality, but with these extensions comes a large attack vector.

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Malicious Browser Extensions

Using Compression to Compare Objects

Experimenting with Normalized Compression Distance (NCD) for the classification of large malware.

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Normalized Compression Distance

We’re a cyber security company we protect what’s invaluable. Whether it’s financial information, intellectual property, business communications, or sensitive personal records, CyberPoint helps protect your vital assets in cyberspace.

We’re in the business of protecting what’s invaluable to you.

We deliver innovative, leading-edge products, solutions, and services to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise, and we design defenses that provide critical protection. Our approach is tailored to meet each customer's individual needs, reduce risk, and ensure ongoing protection in a world of continuously emerging and progressively more advanced cyber threats.

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We protect what's invaluable.

What We Do, More Specifically

There are no silver bullets in cyber security. That's why we offer a broad range of services, solutions and products. Our experts help customers recognize, recover from, and understand attacks. We engineer resilient networks. And our analytics and expertise prepare customers for a future of continuously emerging threats.

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We protect what's invaluable.

At CyberPoint, we’re always learning and exploring.

We look for new ways to put our knowledge and experience to work. We seek out hard problems, develop new products and solutions, and drive cyber security innovation. We're dedicated to advancing the discipline of cyber security through imagination, technical excellence, and passion for our work.

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Learning and exploring

CyberPoint offers benefit options to provide for the well-being of all our employees and their families.

Since the benefits package is not just a major part of total compensation, but also an important personal benefit, it's our goal to provide a comprehensive, yet cost-effective benefits package for everyone we work with.

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Plus, we’re a cool company to work for.

We've got awesome benefits, and we're headquartered right on the waterfront in the heart of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Baltimore's a thriving center of innovation and excellence in the arts, sciences, and engineering. (It's also the heart of cyber security innovation.) The city enjoys world-class universities, top science and technology, first-rate manufacturing companies, a white-hot startup and investment community, and outstanding business and governmental support organizations.

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Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Awards, Accolades & Patents

  • 2020 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award (DCSA)
  • 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneurial Achievement Award (DEAA)
  • US Patent: Methods and System for Malware Detection
  • World Trade Center Institute selects Gumtow, seven others, for Maryland international business award
  • US Patent: Similarity Search and Malware Prioritization
  • US Patent: Methods and Systems for Malware Analysis
  • US Patent: Assessment of Cyber Threats
  • Trending 40
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Daily Record Innovator of the Year
  • Daily Record Most Admired CEOs
  • Best Places to Work 2013
  • Best Places to Work 2012
  • Best Places to Work 2011

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