CATO is a cybersecurity operations platform. Instead of providing a commodity assessment, CATO provides novel red team services that closely match the operational cadence of real-world attacks. CATO enables customers to have much better insight into their security posture by witnessing well-trained and tool-rich operators attempt to gain access to their network. CATO is the next evolution in offensive services.


CyberPoint SRT built the CATO model from its combined decades of penetration testing and red team experience. While SRT has had great success helping customers secure their networks by proactively identifying methods of entry, SRT believed there was an opportunity to substantially improve this process to provide more effective results.

The Team

CATO operators are well trained and seasoned. They apply their expertise to all facets of testing your environment in the same way that similarly skilled attackers do. They are all capable of testing your network as individuals, but they combine their skillsets and focus to deliver a more effective and repeatable service to CATO customers.

CATO also leverages CyberPoint's extensive offensive tool and system development expertise to build efficient systems to support red team operations. These tools and systems vary in complexity and purpose, but all strive to enable operators to perform their activities more effectively. This is modeled after how dedicated offensive entities support their operators with custom toolsets as necessary.

The Customers

We offer CATO subscriptions that include flexible offerings in terms of services, subscription length, etc. If you are interested in becoming a CATO customer, please contact us.

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For our customers, we support incident response with repository querying and analysis. We also respond to customer inquiries about a wide array of infosec topics.

If your organization needs immediate assistance with a suspected or confirmed cyber incident, contact us.

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