CyberPoint Announces the Minnow: A Convenient USB Device for Secure Web-surfing

BALTIMORE, MD (November 19, 2012) — In time for Cyber Monday, CyberPoint International, LLC, announces the Minnow, a simple and easy-to-use USB device that turns any user's computer into a safe, secure, and private gateway to the Internet. Another success from Prescient, the Minnow is a fingerprint authenticated, encrypted, and tamper resistant USB drive, with its own embedded operating system that affords users greater protection from viruses, spyware, and other malware when using the Internet. Minnow is designed for travelers that desire a protected Internet session while far from home or the office. It's also a secure way to use the internet if users suspect their computer has been compromised, or if someone is looking for a little privacy while they search the web. The Minnow comes complete with a number of pre-loaded VPN clients, anti-virus software, and productivity tools.

the Minnow

About CyberPoint

At CyberPoint, we work to create a future where individuals and organizations from across the globe can operate safely and securely in cyberspace and benefit from the technological innovations that increasingly connect our world. A rapidly growing cybersecurity company, CyberPoint integrates and delivers innovative, leading-edge services, solutions, and products to protect what's invaluable to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise, we quantify risks, and we design defenses that provide critical protection. Learn more here.

About Prescient

The US Government and private sector are always looking for new and innovative products to meet their needs but are unable to take advantage of the global marketplace due to uncertainties over foreign-owned products and technologies. Prescient is designed to help overcome those challenges. It helps foreign-owned companies build trust with potential customers and enhance their products in order to open up new markets in the US. Prescient provides both foreign and domestic commercial technology companies one of the fastest, most comprehensive and inexpensive methods to successfully enter the US Federal and commercial marketplace.



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