CyberPoint's 2015 Women in Cybersecurity Reception

BALTIMORE, MD (December 21, 2015) — Last month, CyberPoint held its 2nd annual Women in Cybersecurity reception, bringing together both leaders and newcomers from private industry, academia and government to celebrate the important role of women in the cybersecurity field. With words from several prominent women including Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and CyberPoint's very own co-founder Vicki Gumtow, the event truly captured the interdisciplinary spirit of the technology industry and highlighted the success and achievements of women leaders in all sectors of cybersecurity.

2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

Despite making up more than half of the overall workforce, women account for only one out of every 10 cybersecurity professionals — and even as the cybersecurity industry grows, the gender gap keeps widening. Here at CyberPoint, we see the impact that our female employees make in the office every day, and know how important it is to recognize and empower women in the industry. The Women in Cybersecurity reception is just one of our ways of encouraging women of all careers to learn more about cybersecurity.

"It's no secret that women are the minority in the cybersecurity field," said Jennifer Eiben, CyberPoint's community outreach manager and one of the organizers of the event. "We thought it would be great to help create connections between women who work in our field by holding a networking event for them. We are proud to promote diversity in our field and to encourage women to work together for the betterment of each other."

2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

Senior Advisor Sherri Ramsay, who was the master of ceremonies, agreed. "Together, we can encourage other women to become a part of the cybersecurity community," she said. "In the future, I hope that more women will choose cybersecurity and other STEM-related fields for their careers — seeing women be successful will hopefully encourage other women to follow in their footsteps.

Held at our Baltimore office, the event not only highlighted the role of Women in Cybersecurity but also emphasized the interdisciplinary perspective that CyberPoint holds for the technology field. Through an open call to female artists by the Maryland Art Place, CyberPoint commissioned a special work of art commemorating Women in Cybersecurity made by local Baltimore sisters Anna and Caroline Zellhofer.

2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

"It was exciting and interesting to research a new field in which we had never been apart of," Caroline stated, "and it was refreshing to meet so many dedicated and like-minded individuals — it's imperative to have passion for advancement and technology."

Anna and Caroline Zellhofer's artwork for 2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

"While the technical aspects were unfamiliar, what attracted Caroline and I was the innovation within the cybersecurity industry," Anna affirmed. "We definitely could relate to that."

2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

It's only been our second year hosting our Women in Cybersecurity reception, but we're already looking forward to having many more — the future for women in the industry is bright, and we want to be a lead contributor. As CyberPoint co-founder Vicki Gumtow said in her toast for the night, the event is about so much more than just cybersecurity for women: "It's about strengthening our relationships and forming new ones; It's about creating networks, inspiring one another, learning from one another, and helping one another succeed."

2nd Annual Women in Cybersecurity Reception

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