CyberPoint and Integrita to Bring Security Products to US Market

New Solution Helps Business Travelers Protect Systems and Data

BALTIMORE, MD (December 12, 2011) — CyberPoint International, LLC, a global cybersecurity company, and information security startup Integrita Computing Systems announced today an agreement to bring Integrita's innovative security products to the US market through Prescient.

Integrita has an innovative solution to travelers' critical information and computer security needs. While most existing approaches rely solely on securing a traveler's hard drive, Integrita's product creates a completely separate and fully independent computing environment on a small, tamper-resistant USB drive. This solution not only adds layers of security, but the device's small size allows it to be conveniently protected by carrying it in a pocket or hand bag— no more worries about the laptop left in a hotel room.

"We're impressed with Integrita's technology," says Gerald Caponera, CyberPoint's Director of Product Development. "I've been working with them for a while now, and have watched them mature their product in ways that can definitely help our customers. Anyone who travels on business will find it's a game-changer."

CyberPoint and Integrita are collaborating under Prescient, which helps foreign companies overcome barriers to entry in the US security market. CyberPoint's engineering expertise, customer relationships, and access to funding will help Integrita reach previously inaccessible customers. The agreement is expected to create new jobs both in Baltimore and Hyderabad.

About CyberPoint

At CyberPoint, we work to create a future where individuals and organizations from across the globe can operate safely and securely in cyberspace and benefit from the technological innovations that increasingly connect our world. A rapidly growing cybersecurity company, CyberPoint integrates and delivers innovative, leading-edge services, solutions, and products to protect what's invaluable to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise, we quantify risks, and we design defenses that provide critical protection. Learn more here.

About Integrita

Integrita Computing Systems specializes in state-of-the-art information security products and servers, putting security at the heart and not the periphery of IT architecture. With offices in London, UK, and Hyderabad, India, we meet the rapidly changing security needs of global enterprises and customers. Our pioneering secure client access solutions offer enhanced security and lower IT costs. Our path-breaking image cryptography solutions offer secure access and transmission. Integrita's experience and skills range from embedded solutions to FPGA architecture, from cryptography to domain knowledge in vertical sectors.



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