CyberPoint Welcomes Fourth Year of Summer Interns!

BALTIMORE, MD (June 25, 2015) — Summer internship season is in full swing, which for many college students means a long three months of coffee trips and running errands — but not here at CyberPoint! We are very pleased to introduce twelve talented interns who will be joining us for the next few months, working on everything from computer engineering to marketing, for the very first year of CyberPoint's new professional internship enrichment program.

With more interns than ever before, CyberPoint's Intern Program Coordinator Tom O'Keefe has a lot planned for the summer. "CyberPoint takes a well balanced approach to its internship program," he said. "We do a great deal of work — and that's why we're here — but we also know that people like to engage outside of the office in more fun, social environments." Some social activities in store include an Orioles game, a bowling night, and even a sailing team-building exercise.

"A lot of the time with internships, interns get put into a department and that's it. We want to give the interns a sense of community as well," Tom emphasized. "We're trying to expose them to different things."

The strong community atmosphere Tom stresses is one of the most distinctive aspects of the internship experience at CyberPoint — so much so that returning Design & Communications intern Marissa Feldman cites it as the main reason she decided to come back again for this summer.

"The community atmosphere makes it a really enjoyable place to work," Marissa agrees. "Everyone's always been really welcoming. Interns are more highly valued here than they usually would be at other companies. They're appreciated."

CyberPoint has a uniquely educational and interactive program that Marissa also praised. "At a lot of internships, you're not really given meaningful work. What I like about this internship is that we're given real work that's actually contributing to CyberPoint." Her current projects for the summer include working with Greg Jones, Zachary DiBeradin, and Wendy Zhou — the other Design & Communications interns — to create ways for CyberPoint to market itself through different social media platforms, and to assist the company with community outreach and recruiting via marketing tools.

Up on the fourth floor, CyberPoint's IT and lab interns — Zachary Arguelles, Joshua Preuss, Ryan Zimmerman, Mihir Yavalkar, Tori Gumtow, Benjamin Lelonek, Michael Roberts, and John Seymour — have their own internship experiences to share. From Michael, who is engaging in theoretical learning about cryptography while also assisting with coding, to Ryan, who is helping out at the IT help desk, each intern has their own unique project that allows them to both learn from and contribute to CyberPoint's company mission.

"Working with everyone is great, and I've learned a lot about coding with a group and how to write code well," John said, lauding the program. John, who will be leading one of CyberPoint's Tech Talks next week on malware classification, is currently supporting work on the DARPA STAC research project on space-time algorithmic complexity.

Only a few weeks in, the interns are all already getting their hands dirty with projects and research in various departments of the company. We are so excited to see what they have in store for us as the summer progresses, and will continue checking in with them over the course of the summer — look out for more updates soon!

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