CyberPoint's DarkPoint Platform Assessed at US Army Cyber Quest 2017

Fort Gordon, GA, July 6, 2017 — The US Army assessed DarkPoint, CyberPoint's automated artifact analysis platform, at its annual Cyber Quest 2017 event. The event wrapped up June 30th, and was hosted by the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE) at Fort Gordon, Georgia. CyberPoint was one of multiple vendors selected to participate this year, and sent a team to train soldiers how to install and operate the DarkPoint platform.

US Army assessed DarkPoint, CyberPoint's automated artifact analysis platform, at its annual Cyber Quest 2017 event

In preparation for the exercises, a team from CyberPoint, including CTO Mark McLarnon, installed stand-alone DarkPoint instances within the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) Tactical Operations Center (TOC) network and configured the system for email scanning, folder watching and in-browser analysis by soldiers.

The Cyber Battle Lab team of the CCoE worked hard to ensure the entire operation proceeded as smoothly as possible, creating intricate 'injects' of malware across the exercise networks at unpredictable times. The soldiers utilized their extensive training and selected vendor technologies to execute rapid responses which included analyzing email messages and files within DarkPoint while leveraging other technology to spot the next threats. "We were also fortunate to integrate DarkPoint with an additional vendor situational understanding (SU) platform publishing alerts during intelligent workflow execution," McLarnon said.

"We are thrilled to report that during the exercise, soldiers learned the DarkPoint platform in a matter of days and were able to include on-site rapid malware analysis into existing Army Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) and publish reports and data on the threats observed back to their peers and commander within the TOC," said McLarnon. "DarkPoint was able to be one piece (of many) of the integrated TOC environment that included powerful analysis and monitoring technologies from other selected vendors as well. It was an honor to witness our men and women in uniform make decisions in real-time based off the analysis data that DarkPoint and other DCO products were providing."

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Cyber Quest is a multiweek exercise in cyber and electronic warfare exploration and collaboration, and this year, kicked off on June 5. Plans are already in progress for Cyber Quest 2018.


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