CyberPoint International Commits $1,000,000 to New Charitable Endowed Fund at the Baltimore Community Foundation

CyberPoint Commits $1,000,000 to New Charitable Endowed Fund at the Baltimore Community Foundation.

BALTIMORE, MD (October 19, 2015) — CyberPoint International announced today that it established a charitable endowed fund through the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF), committing $1,000,000 over the next ten years. The new CyberPoint Foundation Fund will be primarily focused on supporting educational initiatives, with additional support to the arts, economic development, and other causes important to CyberPoint employees. A portion of the fund represents an endowment supporting CyberPoint's community goals in perpetuity.

Since CyberPoint's founding just six years ago, we have made giving back to the community a core value. CyberPoint has provided learning opportunities and mentorship to city youth, supported innovative STEM education programs, and supported the local arts community, as well as individual artists. With a rapidly growing workforce in the US and overseas, CyberPoint is continually looking for ways to get employees engaged in the community, inspire giving, and instill a culture of service throughout the company. Establishing the fund will also create new opportunities for employees to play a role in our giving programs.

Through the establishment of the fund, our employee-directed giving programs, and future grants, CyberPoint not only hopes to make a difference in the community, but also inspire other individuals and organizations in Baltimore's burgeoning technology sector to do the same. Our collective contributions are particularly important at this critical time in our city's history.

"Education has played an essential role in opening up opportunities in my own life, and that of my family," said Vicki Gumtow, Co-Founder of CyberPoint and Member of the BCF Board of Trustees. "Our aim is to help make the same kinds of opportunities available to all. Creating the endowment was also important, as we wanted to be sure we were creating opportunities for generations to come."

"We can have all the financial and customer success in the world, but we still won't be a great company unless we have a civic impact," said Karl Gumtow, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberPoint. "This fund is another important step for us as we try to make that positive impact in our community, and we hope it inspires others to do the same."

BCF President and CEO Tom Wilcox welcomed CyberPoint's charitable fund, saying, "It is wonderful to see a Baltimore business that not only makes giving back to community a daily organizational value, but also is willing to make a significant financial commitment to the future of Baltimore."

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About the Baltimore Community Foundation

The Baltimore Community Foundation is a private philanthropic organization created by Baltimoreans to serve the current and future needs of the Baltimore region. Representing the common interests of a diverse pool of donors who care about Baltimore, BCF uses grants, initiatives and advocacy to address issues facing the region today, while building a civic endowment to address the needs of future generations. BCF also offers donors customized support for their individual philanthropic goals, expert assistance in learning more about the causes they care about, and the opportunity to join others with similar interests to learn and give together. More information is available at

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