CyberPoint's David Tohn to Discuss New Approaches to Cybersecurity Staffing and Training

BALTIMORE, MD (July 17, 2013) — CyberPoint's David Tohn will address the Third Annual Cybersecurity Training Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. His topic will be "Changing the Staffing and Training Paradigm — Empower Every IT Professional as a Cyber Risk Manager."

Malware has advanced, and continues to advance, beyond the defensive capabilities of legacy, signature-based detection tools and services. Defense against them requires expensive, scarce, human reverse engineering and forensic capabilities that are beyond most organizations' resources. Cyber defense has reached the point where it needs automated tools that can improve the skills of analysts and engineers. "Consider an analogy," Tohn says. "Think of how much easier digital photography tools have made it to manipulate, print, and share pictures. Doing that in the days of film used to require a lot of skill and a well-equipped darkroom. Now anyone can do it. We should be looking for similarly disruptive technologies for malware detection, analysis, and reverse engineering."

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