Eccalon and CyberPoint Announce Strategic Partnership

BALTIMORE, August 15, 2017 — Today, Eccalon announced a strategic partnership with the Maryland-based global cybersecurity technology company, CyberPoint. The partnership aims to develop next generation cyber tools for advanced manufacturing and to increase the cybersecurity industry's overall capability. "Our world class engineers and scientists are constantly finding solutions to difficult questions in an effort to protect a global array of markets and organizations, both small and large, against advanced exploitation techniques and sophisticated threats. Applying our knowledge and experience to protect our manufacturing industrial base is an exciting opportunity," said CyberPoint CEO, Karl Gumtow. Eccalon CEO, Andre Gudger, also added that "our strategic partnership with CyberPoint is key in keeping the cybersecurity industry apprised of pivots in its future as well as the flashpoints of innovation. Our collective partnership is to enable a broader ecosystem in which our research will lead to innovative technologies that will keep American industries and markets sharper and one step ahead of any threat."

Eccalon's strategic partnership with CyberPoint harnesses their advanced tools in predictive analytics and deep research to maintain security and ensure continuity of operations for both corporate and government clients.

CyberPoint is a leader in intelligent automation of operations research and development to simulate the decision-making of human experts. CyberPoint also delivers solutions needed to tackle the challenges of high performance computing (HPC) and big data, by enabling big data manipulation and HPC in large-scale scientific applications.

Eccalon prepares, protects, and responds to advanced cybersecurity threats and creates innovative applications of technologies critical for the successes of advanced manufacturing in the United States. By incorporating new materials and security into the manufacturing process, Eccalon helps industries and governments develop products, improve the supply chain and operations, and diversify business strategy. Eccalon's strategic partnership with CyberPoint will provide the cybersecurity that ultimately enables the advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence jobs of tomorrow.

About Eccalon

Eccalon is advancing innovation by commercializing breakthrough research and development into the market place. We invest in emerging technologies with the aim of creating new industries and addressing some of the most critical technology challenges of our time. Our unique business approach enables scaling products in the government and commercial markets. Learn more at

About CyberPoint

At CyberPoint, we work to create a future where individuals and organizations from across the globe can operate safely and securely in cyberspace and benefit from the technological innovations that increasingly connect our world. A rapidly growing cybersecurity company, CyberPoint integrates and delivers innovative, leading-edge services, solutions, and products to protect what's invaluable to customers worldwide. We discover the threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems, and infrastructure to compromise, we quantify risks, and we design defenses that provide critical protection. Learn more here.



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