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BALTIMORE, MD (August 15, 2015) — Here at CyberPoint, community outreach is a huge aspect of our corporate culture. Whether as a company or as individual employees, our community involvement is integral to who we are. It's something we've shown our interns over and over again, from brown bag lunches with local nonprofits to attending conferences on philanthropy, but we didn't want them to just talk the talk — so, in true CyberPoint fashion, our interns headed over to the Maryland Food Bank after work one day to walk the philanthropic walk.

The Maryland Food Bank, located right here in Baltimore, is a nonprofit volunteer-driven food distribution center that delivers over 100,000 meals a day to over 600 food providers statewide. (Wow!) As volunteers, our interns and supervisors had an eye-opening experience packaging and labeling donated food in the warehouse so that it could be easily transported to the places that need them most.

"CyberPoint is very involved with community outreach," said Design & Communications intern Zachary DiBeradin. "Giving back is very important, and I think volunteering at the food bank was a really good opportunity for us to also contribute and give back to the community. The experience made me realize that there's a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes at the food bank before the food actually reaches the people who need it. It really changed my outlook on how much effort goes into volunteering."

"CyberPoint definitely has a strong presence in the community," Labs intern Mihir Yavalkar agreed. "The volunteer activity reinforced the whole philosophy of CyberPoint, which is to give back to the community. Volunteering at the food bank complemented that really well, and it felt really good to help out. This was the first time I viewed community outreach from a corporate perspective, and it was really nice to see the company doing its part."

Helping out at the Maryland Food Bank is only one of the ways that we give back here at CyberPoint. Corporate social responsibility is so important to us, and as a cybersecurity company we strive not only to make technological change but social change as well. Because here at CyberPoint, we protect what's invaluable — and there's nothing more invaluable than our community.

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