Giving Back

Our passion for giving back is reflected in our people. We are building a vibrant community together.

CyberPoint was founded on the belief that being a great company means having a strong community impact. But that doesn't only mean donations. We also give our time through volunteering and serving as board members for regional organizations. We are proud to be able to support the causes most important to us: technology in education, the arts, and community development.

We couldn't do it alone, though; our employees play a huge role in helping us with our community outreach services. In addition to their own personal philanthropic efforts, they are always up for anything including volunteering their time, serving as board members for regional organizations, and participating in our annual employee-directed giving. This giving spirit is something that we look for in the people that we hire, and our employees are the reason why we are fortunate enough to make not only technological change but also social change.

To CyberPoint, outreach is about more than just giving. Our programs focus on creating enduring relationships with the community and making connections at all levels of our company. We see this as essential to ensuring that we're giving back in the ways that our community needs most.

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Some of the Organizations We Support

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency that promotes cardiac care so that individuals and families can build healthier lives. Read more

Baltimore Community Foundation

The Baltimore Community Foundation is a philanthropic foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people in the Greater Baltimore region through various donors and key initiatives. Read more


Betamore is a nonprofit organization located in Baltimore's Federal Hill neighborhood that provides classes in the technology and business fields to local Baltimore innovators. Read more

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, located in the Fells Point neighborhood just up Eastern Avenue from our Baltimore headquarters, gives young people an opportunity to earn a quality education and solid preparation for life. Read more

Digital Harbor Foundation

The Digital Harbor Foundation is an outstanding organization committed to bringing a comprehensive information technology and computer science education to Baltimore City students. Read more

Maryland Art Place

CyberPoint has been a longtime supporter of Maryland Art Place (MAP), a nonprofit contemporary arts organization in Baltimore that helps provide emerging and mid-career artists in Maryland with a platform for artistic growth. Read more

Paul's Place

Paul's Place is a nonprofit organization that has been providing a variety of services aiming to better the lives of low-income families in the Southwest Baltimore area since 1982. Read more


For over 150 years, the YMCA has been benefiting young men and women across the world by providing them with the academic, emotional, and social support that they need to succeed. Read more

Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception

Women in Cyber Security

CyberPoint International created the Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception to bring together women from across the region and all different points on the career spectrum. This annual event continues to be a great opportunity to get together and share what we are all passionate about—empowering women to succeed in the cyber security field.

Leaders from industry, academia, and government reconnect and strengthen relationships while building new ones. Those just starting out in their careers have the chance to meet the technical and business professionals who are shaping the future of cyber security.

This Women in Cyber Security reception (now held by CyberWire, Inc.) is held as an invitation only event in order to ensure there is a mix of women at different career levels and with a diversity of backgrounds. Click here to view a photo gallery of this year's event, or here to view the inaugural event.