CyberPoint Company

CyberPoint is a technical company solving the hard cyber problems. We do the complex stuff so you don't have to.

CyberPoint has deep technical expertise in cyber security and experience delivering solutions to some of the most complex, challenging, and mission-critical problems in this rapidly evolving field.

Multidisciplinary Teams, Hard Problems, Global Customers

CyberPoint's world-class engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and other industry experts support a broad array of commercial, US Government, and international customers. Across these markets and around the globe, CyberPoint helps organizations large and small defend their critical systems and infrastructure from advanced exploitation techniques and sophisticated threats where commodity solutions simply don't measure up.

Beyond the Technical

CyberPoint also offers world-class consulting services to help enterprises make choices, develop strategies, and implement plans and policies to protect critical networks, assets, and infrastructure. Our advisors have experience at the top levels of government and private industry. We've helped organizations solve not only their near-term security challenges, but protect their future as well. We help enterprises understand the true costs of security, balancing risks, opportunities, flexibility, and finances.

Where We Are Today

Founded in 2009, CyberPoint has grown from a small consultancy to a company with a large professional staff serving customers worldwide. CyberPoint's US headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland. We also maintain a permanent offices in Columbia, Maryland. We work in North America, Europe, and Asia, and we have extensive experience providing cyber security services and solutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Where We'll Be Tomorrow

CyberPoint strives to stay ahead of the cyber security game. CyberPoint Labs is a leader in security research, advancing the state-of-the art by posing, attacking, and solving the hard problems of cyber security. Our research leads to new technologies and innovative products. We invent new tools for our customers, and we collaborate closely and effectively with leading university researchers.

We're also committed to growing as a business, staying ahead of the threat and reaching new markets around the world.


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