Our passion for giving back is reflected in our people.

We are building a vibrant community together.

CyberPoint was founded on the belief that being a great company means having a strong community impact. That belief is not only reflected in the things we strive to do in the community, but also in the people we hire and the organizations we choose to partner with. We support our community through our foundation and community outreach programs by innovating, mentoring, leading, creating and giving.

The CyberPoint Foundation

In 2012, we launched the CyberPoint Foundation with a mission to ensure that all children and young adults have access to the educational opportunities and resources needed to lead a happy and healthy life, contribute to the community, and pursue their dreams. Our foundation and corporate community outreach efforts are focused on aspects of education in and around Baltimore and Maryland.

Community Outreach

To CyberPoint, outreach is about more than just giving. Our programs are focused on creating enduring relationships with the community and creating connections at all levels of our company. We see this as essential to ensuring that we are giving back in the ways that our community needs most.

Email us to learn more about CyberPoint's community outreach programs or the CyberPoint Foundation.

  • Innovating

    Laptops for Students, a program that helps get laptop computers into the hands of urban students, is the first major initiative of our foundation. For some children, the only access they have to computers is in school — this puts them at an enormous disadvantage. Donated laptops are rebuilt with special personal and online security features, and come preloaded with free productivity and educational software. In addition to providing the laptops, the aim of program is to actually teach students how to reformat the laptops in a hands-on environment giving them a greater stake in the program and providing them with important job skills for the future. What's more, this Foundation initiative is being designed and run by high school students with the help of adult mentors.

  • Mentoring

    Since 2010, our community outreach program continues to sponsor a team of 4 students from Baltimore's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School through their Corporate Internship Program. Our staff created a unique curriculum for these students (who are normally only exposed to clerical work) that gives them in-depth exposure to technology on a daily basis. The intent of the curriculum is to expose the students to different aspects of the work that we do including: IT, testing, software development, technical writing, and public speaking. Many of CyberPoint's employees volunteer their time and interface with the students at one point or another as part of the curriculum.

    Read about CyberPoint's mentoring program as it enters its 4th year.

  • Leading

    CyberPoint is deeply committed to the support of the Baltimore business community. By helping organizations though personal engagement and financial support, our aim is to help spur economic development, build (and attract) Baltimore's future technology workforce, and improve the quality of life here in the city. Organizations we support include: The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB), The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC), University of Maryland (UMD), University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), University of Maryland University College (UMUC), The Downtown Partnership, and The Waterfront Partnership. In addition, many of our employees sit on boards, committees, task forces and chair or participate in events in and around Baltimore.

  • Creating

    We believe that art and design are critical to innovation, education, and the future economic success of our Nation. Art and design are critical drivers of our business, and we are committed to supporting initiatives and events that advance these ideals. We believe in the STEM to STEAM initiatives (adding Art to Science, Technology Engineering, and Math programs) advanced by the Rhode Island School of Design and others. We support Maryland Art Place (MAP), the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child arts program now working in Baltimore, and have served as an advisor to a Baltimore-based program to create the next generation portfolio and arts assessment aids.

    CyberPoint also uses art and design in its Anti-Malwear initiative. Anti-Malwear is a line of clothing and accessories created in the spirit of fun and good humor, as well as the hope of raising awareness (and funds) for worthy causes. You can learn about Anti-Malwear here, or follow us on Twitter.

  • Giving

    CyberPoint is about more than corporate giving, we are a building a culture of giving. Since the company was founded, we have looked for employees with a strong commitment to community, and a sincere desire to give back and help others succeed. CyberPoint's Community Outreach Committee works to find ways we can join together as a company to affect change in our community. Outside the company, employees are giving of themselves to help organizations dedicated to hunger relief, education, job training, housing, curing disease, preventing abuse, animal welfare and more.