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We protect what’s invaluable with a broad range of cyber security services and solutions.

Some of the Ways We Protect What’s Invaluable

There are no silver bullets in cyber security. That's why we offer a broad range of services, solutions and products. Our experts help customers recognize, recover from, and understand attacks. We engineer resilient networks. And our analytics and expertise prepare customers for a future of continuously emerging threats.

CyberPoint Services

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

CyberPoint's expertise in malware analysis and reverse engineering supports our research, incident response, and product development. With extensive experience in reverse engineering and malicious code analysis, our experts provide analysis of assembly language from all major platforms. They have a deep practical and theoretical understanding of tools and tradecraft from across the industry. We are the creators of DarkPoint, an advanced malicious digital artifact identification and analysis product.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

CyberPoint's experienced global response teams are on-call to address serious cyber attacks, intrusions, and insider-threat incidents. We have assisted legal and law enforcement teams with complex cases, and we've responded to numerous high-profile corporate cases of computer crime. As always, our teams are backed by CyberPoint's advanced reverse engineering, malware analysis, and network exploitation expertise.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Secure Network Engineering

Every enterprise has its distinctive needs, and CyberPoint tailors its services to meet them. Our engineers design in network security from the beginning, and our security experts use a risk assessment and threat monitoring methodology that includes novel threat monitoring tools to ensure the security of your networks—today and tomorrow. We protect the right assets, from the right threats, with the right measures.

We begin by analyzing what you do with your network today, including how it fits with your business practices and objectives. From there, we propose (and deliver) either re-architecting, complete re-design, or design of tailored additions to your infrastructure. Our work extends to endpoints, switches, Internet access, communications, and security.

Secure Network Engineering

Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

CyberPoint's risk analysis and vulnerability assessment represents a best-practice step toward an improved security posture. We help our customers assess their current practices and prioritize remediation and mitigation strategies to further improve its cyber security. Our engagements typically consist of three phases:

  • Recon. We identify probable targets of exploits. Our comprehensive identification program goes well beyond traditional vulnerability assessments by incorporating social engineering analysis (public employee information, e-mail phishing, etc.), data mining (from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sources) and remote network analysis (public servers, domain names, etc.).
  • Inspect. After identifying possible threats, we analyze each target for relevant vulnerabilities. We examine your organization through the eyes of a malicious user, and run both remote and internal assaults. Our inspection includes—with your consultation and agreement—an active attempt to exercise the vulnerabilities we've detected.
  • Assess. We document the vulnerabilities, suspicious activities, and potential security problems we found. We also include recommendations for securing your enterprise.

CyberPoint has also pioneered an innovative method for quantifying cyber value-at-risk, an essential element of rigorous risk management. Our holistic approach ensures a prudent, deliberate, cost-effective approach, with the flexibility to adjust as conditions and priorities demand.

Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

Machine Learning Research

CyberPoint is a leader in machine learning research and development: the study and construction of systems that can "learn" from data, emulating generalization from a set of cases to new, relevantly similar cases.

One goal of our machine learning research is development of artificially intelligent systems that simulate the decision-making of a human expert. Our flexible, multidisciplinary team of experts has delivered advanced and innovative tools like DarkPoint and Resonance, a predictive analytic sensor, both of which have transitioned deep research into machine learning and expert systems from the laboratory to operational networks. DarkPoint automates malware analysis, and Resonance automates malware detection.

We perform cutting-edge research in cyber security, develop new intellectual property (including advanced product prototypes using new technologies), and invent new tools for our customers. In this we collaborate with research universities, (our principal university research partner is the University of Maryland). CyberPoint's research in software and hardware security uses methods and techniques drawn from computer science, cryptography, electrical engineering mathematics, and the life sciences. We integrate these with extensive real-world experience in security analysis and reverse engineering. Research is integral to our offerings.

Learn more in the CyberPoint Labs section.

Machine Learning Research

Big Data Systems Engineering

Our large enterprise customers have recognized the value of bringing Big Data capabilities to cybersecurity, and we've been there to help them on the way. We have expertise in the deployment of secure technologies within High Performance Computing frameworks, providing guidance to expedite the transition from vision to operations and avoid common pitfalls. We've also helped customers develop specifications, review proposals and orals presentations, and select solutions providers that augment existing cyber capabilities with Big Data towards future fully integrated, automated operations at the speed of need.

High Performance Computing and Big Data

Strategic Planning and Policy Development

CyberPoint understands the interplay of technology with policy and operations. We help identify and implement IT strategies and processes that ensure an organization's ability to maintain security and continuity of operations in the face of attacks and other unexpected events.

CyberPoint engineers will help your organization reduce your exposure, develop IT business continuity plans and make testing such plans a normal aspect of your IT operations. Our experienced operators and policy experts know how to take the engineers' work and put it into a comprehensive system that supports any organization's business or mission.

Strategic Planning and Policy Development

Foreign Technology Evaluation, FOCI Mitigation

The US government and private sector are always looking for new and innovative products to meet their needs, but often find themselves unable to take advantage of the global marketplace due to uncertainties over foreign owned products and technologies. A globalized supply chain is also a worry, especially with IT systems that undergo production, patching, and updating throughout their lifecycle.

We help foreign-owned companies build trust with potential customers and enhance their products in order to open up new markets in the United States. We provide both foreign and domestic commercial technology companies one of the fastest, most comprehensive and inexpensive ways into the US Federal and commercial marketplace. We also mitigate the supply chain risks to buyers through security applied at the most cost-effective points of the product lifecycle.

  • We assess products for security, market viability, and issues related to foreign ownership, control, and interest (FOCI). Based on the results of the assessment, we then work with companies to determine the best path into the US markets.
  • We do white box, gray box, and black box testing on foreign technology. Our experienced research team evaluates each product to identify potential vulnerabilities, and then designs solutions tailored to mitigate any problems.
  • We can deliver security reports and market analysis, but we can also open new sales channels, work with companies to create derivative products, and even draw on an investment fund to get innovative ideas off the ground.

When both the marketplace and the supply chain are irreversibly international, CyberPoint helps you enjoy the benefits of globalization as we mitigate its risks.

Foreign Technology Evaluation, FOCI Mitigation

Secure Leadership Mobile Communications

Your most valuable assets may include the private messages of your leadership team, and a risk-based approach to cyber security may dictate that you provide an extra level of protection for leadership communications. International governmental organizations who outsource ICT to expatriate staff may want additional layers of protection and trust for organization leaders that cannot be achieved using commodity services. CyberPoint has developed and implemented Secure Leadership Communications systems and services that provide secure mobile voice and data communications, using standard commercial up-to-date devices with which the leadership team is already familiar.

CyberPoint delivers comprehensive solutions for secure mobile operations: we secure devices, communications, and data. Our approach encompasses active and passive measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to your equipment and information. We also design in protection against compromise or exploitation through espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and other criminal activity.

We've created comprehensive mobile communications secure infrastructures, from servers through networks and out to devices. We secure endpoints, with encryption and remote wiping to protect users from the consequences of losing devices. We securely bring productivity software to devices, enabling implementation of sound BYOD policies.

We have particular expertise in Android and iOS forensics, across multiple platforms. And we bring our security tool DarkPoint to our customers' mobile applications.

Mobile Security

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