Whether it’s in our Baltimore inner harbor headquarters or our offices in other parts of Maryland, we provide challenging and intellectually stimulating work.

If you've worked in the industry for a few years, you've seen a lot. If you don't want to go to another body shop, if you find the big integrators too big, if you'd like to work close to the customer but outside the Beltway, you should take a look at CyberPoint.

Our customers, whose missions and businesses are really too important for us to say much about, are our best reference. They rely on us to protect what's invaluable to them (and they don't entrust that to just anyone). Our team of engineers and other specialists in security, software, network, testing, cryptologic, and mathematical disciplines deliver that protection every day, and they're backed by a cyber-savvy team of business and support professionals.

If you've served in the military or elsewhere in government, you've already made a contribution. You may be at a point in your life where you're ready for your second or even third career. If you want to keep contributing, if you liked teamwork and commitment to mission, if you'd like to continue to apply your skills, you should take a look at CyberPoint.

Or maybe you're just starting your career, and thinking about how you move on from college (or even high school, if you're precocious). This is actually a pretty good place to do it. You've probably thought about decent pay and maybe about profit-sharing—we've got both. You may not have thought much about benefits—like solid health coverage and paid time off—still less about retirement—like a well-structured, sustainable 401k you can count on for your future. We offer all of these.

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Browse all of our available careers to find a job that suits your specific career interests. Or, if you aren't quite ready to change careers but are interested in CyberPoint, stay connected with us!

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We’re always looking to hire talented technical professionals!

Regardless of our posted openings we're always eager to talk to technologists who love what they do and are looking for new challenges.

Embedded and software developer opportunities are the most common, but we have others too.

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External Referral Rewards Program

Help CyberPoint and be rewarded! Our External Referral Rewards program offers a referral payment to unaffiliated persons to help CyberPoint attract, hire, and retain the best talent in the United States.

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CyberPoint offers benefit options to provide for the well-being of all our employees and their families.

Since the benefits package is not just a major part of total compensation, but also an important personal benefit, it's our goal to provide a comprehensive, yet cost-effective benefits package for everyone we work with.

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CyberPoint offers benefit options

Living & Working in Maryland

We also offer a chance to work and live in a great place—the greater Baltimore area is home to some terrific towns and neighborhoods. Baltimore itself is one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast, and it's surrounded by equally appealing suburbs with their own advantages and their distinctive charm. If you're looking for an apartment, a row house, a condo, or single-family house, we can help you settle in.

And whether you're single and looking for a trendy waterfront place in Canton or Federal Hill, or if you've got a family you'd like to raise surrounded by history and culture, you'll find Maryland a great place to live.

Working in Maryland

Tech Talks—Sharing Research (and Results)

CyberPoint's staff engages in cutting edge research, taking on some of the hardest problems in our industry. It's part of our mission.

And research is never a solo performance. So our researchers—in CyberPoint Labs and elsewhere in the company—regularly share their work with their peers through Tech Talks. They've covered topics ranging from software-defined networking, to passive network monitoring, to malware similarity and normalized compression distance, to Android malware detection.

Check out one of our previous Tech Talks (to the left).

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We are actively seeking new hires with a strong background in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. US Citizenship is required. If you aren't quite ready to change careers but are interested in CyberPoint, stay connected with us!

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