TAPE Overview

TAPE offers anticipatory cyber threat intelligence, enabling proactive enterprise security. It helps organizations get ahead of attacks, assess risks, and take effective action to mitigate future attacks.

TAPE's cyber security intelligence service delivers situational awareness and fast acquisition and evaluation of real-world threats. Designed to complement existing IT security teams, TAPE offers actionable, relevant and easy-to-consume intelligence that enhances those teams' analysis, reverse engineering, incident response handling, and remediation. TAPE provides rapid, extensive, expert capabilities without carrying the traditional high costs of ownership in-house security or research teams inevitably carry.

CyberPoint's TAPE ingests various sources of intelligence, trends, techniques, security events and malware for analysis to produce an enriched and relevant Threat Feed Center.

The TAPE process.

The TAPE process.

  • TAPE Subscription includes
  • 1-year subscription (monthly releases) to CyberPoint's Patch Tuesday Analysis of software patches.
  • Access to CyberPoint's Threat Feed Center
  • Monthly Report Presentation and up to 6 hours of collaborative Q&A sessions.
  • Subscription Add-on Options
  • Zero Day Analysis and Custom Development.
  • Custom Research (Contact CyberPoint for pricing).
  • Custom Threat Analysis (Contact CyberPoint for pricing).


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