█████████ █████

█████████ █████

█████████ █████ comes to CyberPoint as the Director of Security with nearly 30 years experience in counterintelligence (CI).

He served 20 years as a ████ ████ where he successfully conducted OFCO, counterespionage investigations, and Operational Security (OPSEC) surveys. He retired honorably in 1998 and joined ████ where he supported multiple government contracts as an instructor, CI Subject Matter Expert, web developer, and project manager.

He garnered new business at the ████, was recognized by ████ ████ as a senior CI expert, and was the only non-government employee ever selected to lead the premier Advance CI Training Course. When ████ acquired ████ in 2003, he was appointed an ████ Principal and served as the Director, Defense Support Division where he supervised multiple projects. In 2006, he returned to government service when asked to develop a two-year ████ OFCO pilot program.

After its successful 18-month completion, he was again asked to help kick off a new program, the nascent ████ effort and he led the newly formed team through several, highly successful operations. Rather than move to Quantico, Virginia under the ████, he left government service in 2010 and joined the CyberPoint team.

He is a classically trained pianist whose favorite hobby is discovering new music.


Director of Security


Counterintelligence with military and commercial organizations


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Web Management)

Graduate of the Advanced Counterintelligence Training Course (AFCITC) and the FTC


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