Robert Vamosi, Security Analyst and Bestselling Author, Speaks at CyberPoint on the Security Cost of Digital Convenience

BALTIMORE, MD (May 23, 2013) — Robert Vamosi, CISSP, senior analyst for mobile enterprise app security company Mocana and bestselling author of When Gadgets Betray Us: The Dark Side of our Infatuation With New Technologies, spoke in Baltimore today. He shared his views on security in what's come to be called "the Internet of things."

Vamosi hopes to prompt a serious conversation about reasserting mastery over what are, after all, our digital tools. We take for granted MP3 players, implanted medical devices, keyless car ignition, and on-board automobile entertainment systems, all of which offer real enhancements to daily life. But we seldom give proper thought to the risks they carry with them. Vamosi outlined the security consequences and costs of digital convenience in an increasingly connected world. As devices (and, increasingly, mundane objects we don't even think of as devices—fans, shirts, refrigerators) enter the Internet of things, they dramatically increase not only points of failure, but the attack surface available to criminal hacking. We're only beginning to consider the implications an interconnected world has for our security and safety.

With years of security journalism experience writing for such international outlets as ZDNet, CNET, CBS News, PCWorld, and Forbes, Vamosi brings not only a journalist's insight into the topic, but also the expertise he earned in the financial services sector as a specialist in security, risk management, and fraud detection.

The event was made possible in part by the generous support of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, the BW Tech at UMBC Cyber Incubator, the Harbor East Development Group, and Barnes and Noble.