Malicious Digital Artifact Identification & Analysis

DarkPoint Research & Development

Not only is DarkPoint a valuable automated analysis tool for CyberPoint, it is a tremendous enabler for cyber security research and development. Can you think of a better way to design new tools or algorithms than by a structured environment with a simple plugin API and access to more than five million (5,000,000) samples across a variety of common file types?

A subscription to the DarkPoint cloud puts more than fifty (50) tools and workflows at your fingertips.

  • DarkPoint is very easy to install even on a stand-alone machine for limited throughput
  • Docker allows for extremely simple upgrades and system operations and maintenance
  • Users with active accounts on the DarkPoint cloud have access to millions of samples for analysis
  • External developers can use our SDK for developing new analytic plugins or REST APIs (Java, Python, C#) for interfacing with DarkPoint
  • DarkPoint offers multiple methods of ingesting files (e.g. direct in-browser, REST Client(s), SMB file share, SFTP/SCP bulk upload)

Users can leverage this platform for automating their organizations analysis tasks such as:

  • Program Analysis (e.g. concolic execution)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Firmware Analysis and Dissection (including encrypted firmware)
  • Machine Learning (supervised and unsupervised learning)
  • Automated Malware Analysis
  • Automating Forensic Analysis
  • Email Analysis

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