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In a word—agility. DarkPoint was built to adapt, change, and evolve to keep pace with the bad guys. Writing new rules, adding analyzers, and integrating 3rd party tools is a big part of what DarkPoint does differently.
We don't disrupt your analysis, we help you capture that knowledge and automate it. Now you can ensure analysts execute the same process across your team, reducing costs, enabling you to quickly bring new people up to speed, and ensuring your asset—how you perform your tradecraft—is captured and stored for the long run.
DarkPoint's expert system and machine learning algorithms utilize a number of inputs in order to help determine the "most bad" malware. The goal of this is to provide indicators to your staff on which files they should work on first.
DarkPoint is available as a subscription and on-premise device. Contact us.
Yes—by almost all reports, there is a growing shortage of qualified cyber professionals. Right now, there's more malware than can be analyzed—the challenge we face is scaling a workforce quickly. That's why we built DarkPoint—to help address that problem.
DarkPoint enables more junior staff to analyze and remediate malware, broadening the talent pool from the traditional incident responders, malware analysts, and reverse engineers. In addition, more senior staff benefit from the wealth of data, in-depth analysis, and time savings provided by DarkPoint.
Absolutely not. DarkPoint's automation and expert systems enable more junior staff to process files quickly, freeing up senior staff for complex, challenging analysis. We optimize and extend your workforce—there's no replacing talent.
Our Expert System was designed to synthesize input from a variety of sources. In order to make that work, we needed to build an extensible architecture that allows us to quickly and easily add tools, processes, and scripts. So while we can't tell you exactly (our mind reading module is broken), we can say integrating tools is key to what we do.
Malware is a problem everyone has—whether you know it or not. DarkPoint's cloud version has the ability to analyze large amounts of malware and provide you insights you can't find on your own. For example, our similarity search can find related pieces of malware without you asking—imagine what you could do with information on a piece of malware before it hit your network.
Yes. Collaborating across a team is important which is why we've got the ability to tag, annotate and share files amongst your teammates.
No. Malware you submit is only visible by you and your team.

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