Defining Cyber Value at Risk

CyVaR: Defining Cyber Value at Risk

Our solution, CyVaR, calculates your projected annual loss due to cyber attacks using value-at-risk (VaR) modeling. To get a better understanding of what we mean by Cyber Value-at-Risk lets take a deeper dive.

What Is Value-At-Risk Modeling?

For context, it helps to define what is meant by Value-at-Risk. Value-at-Risk is a statistical technique used to measure and quantify the level of financial risk within a firm or investment portfolio over a specific time frame. Value-at-Risk measures the potential loss over a time period for a given confidence interval.

Optimal Investment Options

How Does Value-At-Risk Apply to Cyber?

CyVaR quantifies your cyber risk in financial terms for your enterprise. Drawing from a proven method used by the financial sector, CyVaR calculates the exposure of key assets and liabilities to the vagaries of the cyber environment in which a firm's computing infrastructure is operated. CyVaR also models and prioritizes mitigation options to decrease the monetary Value-at-Risk. This information enables you to understand and better manage your risk. As your business risk is constantly changing with new applications coming online, mergers and acquisitions, and evolving threats, so too does your cyber risk. Only CyVaR gives you that snapshot in time of your Cyber Value-at-Risk, allowing you to continuously maintain awareness of your enterprise and take proactive measures to minimize your exposure.

Industry Talk

"With the increasing volume and cost of data breaches, C-level executives have begun considering IT security a larger business risk. This shift has spurred increased interest in cyber insurance."

– 2015 Global Cost of a Data Breach, Ponemon Institute


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