CyVaR for Insurance Providers

CyVaR for Insurance Providers

As the insurance provider, companies turn to you to help them find the best options to lower their financial exposure. In the uncertainty of today’s cyber landscape, insurance providers are challenged to assist their clients in getting an accurate view of their cyber risk. One of the biggest questions you may hear on a daily basis is, "What is my company’s exposure?"

The CyVaR Advantage

CyVaR calculates your potential annual loss, enabling you to:

  • Determine the potential financial exposure a company faces in the event of a cyber attack.
  • Model different scenarios for potential loss.
  • Facilitate discussions on appropriate coverage amounts.
  • Work with underwriters to create the right policy and coverage for customers.

Industry Talk

"While cybersecurity risk is often considered an intimidating area for directors to address due to its technical nature, it is important to remember that directors are not required to be experts in this area but are entitled to rely on management and outside experts for advice."

– Privacy Advisor, May 2014


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