CyVaR for CISOs

CyVaR for CISOs

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you are constantly being asked to justify your investments in security. And perhaps – even more challenging – you are being asked to convey the company’s cyber risk in financial terms to C-level officers and the Board of Directors.

Questions such as, "What risks do we face in terms of liability and direct loss to our business? What are the best options to reduce that risk?" are part of your conversations with your CFO, Chief Risk Officer, and other executives.

Incident Detail

The CyVaR Advantage

CyVaR calculates your potential annual loss and determines the best options for reducing risk, enabling you to:

  • Understand which business applications have the greatest exposure.
  • Develop security investment options that provide the highest return in reducing risk exposure.
  • Prioritize budget requests for security investments based on risk reduction.
  • Achieve a better ROI on your current security investments and resources.
  • Continually see the full view of your cyber risk, even as core business elements change.
  • Communicate on a common level with C-level executives and board members.

Industry Talk

"While cybersecurity risk is often considered an intimidating area for directors to address due to its technical nature, it is important to remember that directors are not required to be experts in this area but are entitled to rely on management and outside experts for advice."

– Privacy Advisor, May 2014


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