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Paul's Place

Paul's Place is a nonprofit organization that has been providing a variety of services aiming to better the lives of low-income families in the Southwest Baltimore area since 1982. From starting a soup kitchen and Hot Lunch program to offering summer camps for children to providing basic health screenings to the homeless and uninsured, Paul's Place has been taking care of our Baltimore community for over 30 years — so it was with ease and certainty that we chose the organization as part of our giving back program.

Baltimore has seen much growth over recent years, but there are still many parts of the city where families don't have full access to health care, education, employment, or housing. Paul's Place's vision is to fill in that gap by 2020 and provide families with the full support they need for economic and social stability. Educational and job readiness programs that help community members move towards self sufficiency, as well as health and wellness programs to better the physical and mental well-being of low-income adults and children, are just some of the ways that Paul's Place is moving towards achieving such a vision.

In addition to working with Paul's Place for community service, CyberPoint will be sponsoring their first ever Huff & Puff 5k, an event that will bring together the community as they race through Baltimore's beautiful Carroll Park. All of the proceeds from the race will go towards Paul's Place to help fund the continuation of their community programs, which have expanded over the years to include everything from summer youth programming classes to providing case management for local families. We are so proud to support such an important organization in the Baltimore community, and are looking forward to working more with them in the future.

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