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Maryland Art Place

CyberPoint has been a longtime supporter of Maryland Art Place (MAP), a nonprofit contemporary arts organization here Baltimore that helps provide emerging and mid-career artists in Maryland with a platform for artistic growth. Since 1981, their annual programs, including exhibitions, fundraising events, and speaking engagements, have been a vital part of the local arts community.

Some might be scratching their heads and wondering why a cyber security company is engaged in the arts. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The arts matter.

Artists challenge the way we see and think about the world, and about ourselves. Their works bring about new ideas, changes attitudes, and shape our culture. The arts community is a wellspring of imagination and creativity. The arts contribute immeasurably to the world we see around us and are integral to our quality of life. And artists help to create the visually and intellectually vibrant communities where people want to live and business can thrive. We see the arts as vital to the city, to our business, and to our employees that make their home in Baltimore.

CyberPoint has been a sponsor of many of MAP’s exhibitions and event, and chaired the 2013 Starlight Dinner fundraiser. We also Partnered with MAP in creating a yearly art commission in support of our annual Women in Cyber Security Reception.

To learn more about the Maryland Art Place and their work with the local arts community, visit their website.

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