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The Digital Harbor Foundation

Here at CyberPoint, there are few things we're more passionate about than technology, education, and our Baltimore community. That's why we're so happy to be able to call ourselves an official supporter of the Digital Harbor Foundation located just minutes from our Baltimore office, the Digital Harbor Foundation is an outstanding organization committed to bringing a comprehensive information technology and computer science education to Baltimore City students.

CyberPoint sponsors the Digital Harbor Foundation Showcase

From after-school youth programs for students of all years to family events and workshops, the Digital Harbor Foundation continues to impress with the impact they are making on our community. A variety of topics including 3D printing, game design, and hacking keep students busy, interested, and ready to learn. The foundation's Anniversary Showcase and Spring Youth Showcase, both of which CyberPoint is a proud sponsor of, highlight the amazing technological achievements our community has produced thanks to the organization's hard work.

CyberPoint sponsors the Digital Harbor Foundation

Digital and technological skills are becoming more and more important for today's youth, and the Digital Harbor Foundation not only recognizes and encourages the development of such skills but also helps to directly foster them within the greater Baltimore area in creative and fun ways. As workers in the cyber security industry, we thank the Digital Harbor Foundation for assisting in building our future leaders and innovators and maybe even future employees!

To learn more about the Digital Harbor Foundation and its mission, click here.