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T: Anti-Malwear

Secure and Convenient Coverage for Consumers Operating in Public Spaces

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Shirts available in kids sizes 6-12 and adults sizes S-XXXL.

T is an innovative new product integrating a powerful network of fibers that enable secure and convenient coverage for consumers operating in public spaces. T comes complete with an easy-to-use alerting system designed to proactively protect consumers from the daily threats they encounter. As the latest addition to CyberPoint's Anti-Malwear line, T also ensures that others know you have a sense of humor. Read our FAQ to learn more about these protections.

"T was designed with the aim of protecting what's invaluable to our community," said Karl Gumtow, CyberPoint's CEO. "All of the sale proceeds will be going to the Bmore Gives More charitable campaign. I'd also like to stress the point that unlike many of the cyber security products we see today, our Anti-Malwear is durable and machine washable!"

T is made in America and screen-printed in downtown Baltimore!

Next Generation Infant Anti-Malwear


Next Generation Infant Anti-Malwear was the first product in the Anti-Malwear line. Offering secure coverage for those 6 months old and younger, this compact and lightweight system inhibits the transmission and unexpected release of internal materials. Released only as an internal Beta, this product is currently in testing for a future release.

About CyberPoint Anti-Malwear

Anti-Malwear is one of the many ways CyberPoint gives back to the community. It is a line of clothing and accessories created in the spirit of fun and good humor, as well as the hope of raising awareness (and funds) for worthy causes. Learn more about CyberPoint's community initiatives.